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Homeworks QS

Designed for exclusive homes, the Lutron HomeWorks QS total home control system integrates the control of electric light and daylight, as well as integrating with other manufacturers for audio/visual and HVAC control.

Designed to provide light control, shade control, temperature control, appliance control, and energy control this centralized system has been rigorously tested to survive extreme electrical conditions, such as power surges and lighting strikes.

ASI professionals will design a custom and sophisticated control layout for your home environment and the way you live. The system can be controlled from programmable keypads, wall-mounted and tabletop devices, iPads, and mobile devices; all of which will allow a simple button press to create different lighting and shading scenes for each room.

The Lutron Home Control+ app lets you control and monitor your system right from your hand-held device with full two-way functionality, and updates in real-time. The Remote Access feature allows system control from anywhere internet access is available. Our ambition is to provide a system with the ease of use, convenience, ambiance, and energy-savings that come from total home control.

The quality and reliability of HomeWorks QS combined with ASI’s intuitive control design, superior installation service, and advanced programming ability have made us the preferred choice for our architecture and building clientele.

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Radio RA2

The Lutron RadioRA2 system brings cutting edge technology to provide a wireless option for total home control, while providing many energy-saving solutions without sacrificing comfort or convenience. This wireless technology allows the system to be easily installed into any new or existing home.

With RadioRA2, you can control lights, shades, temperature, and appliances from wall-mounted, tabletop, or handheld controls; in a specific room, remotely from another room, or even outside your home. System components such as fan and temperature controls, appliance modules, and occupancy/vacancy sensors provide automated energy savings and added convenience.

Developed as a comprehensive yet scalable system with options, you have the ability to begin your home control system at an entry level with a single room and plans for future control, or have total control throughout your entire home. Whatever your needs, our team of professionals will specify the appropriate system components to ensure you have the proper communication and programming for simple, easy functionality with no hassle.

RadioRA 2 is also compatible with the Lutron Home Control+ app and Remote Access for ultimate control of your home, regardless of where you are.

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Lighting Design

Lighting is a powerful tool which communicates the identity of a space and shapes our mood and perception of the environment. A great lighting design goes beyond the standard and conventional by achieving unique inspired solutions for each client. ASI’s partnership with the team at Drakes Penwell Design Group raises the bar and moves lighting design from great to exceptional! The key to creating exceptional lighting designs is a collaborative approach which strives to strengthen the project’s vision while meeting all of the fundamental needs and goals. This begins with a face-to-face client meeting to best determine the lighting needs suitable for the space and the emotion or mood that the lighting design is to assist in developing. We will touch on topics such as focal lighting points, art accent lighting, color temperature, work and reading environments, or creating the best entertaining and evening moods through the balance of light levels. This plan followed by fixture placement, a reliable control system, intuitive programming, and the proper aiming of the fixtures and setting of light levels ensures the full intent of the design is realized and we have met client expectations.

By developing a thorough process ensuring that the client understands the goals visually through to construction drawings, and support documentation ensures our team brings success to your lighting design. With years of experience in both residential and commercial projects, ASI understands our role in lighting design is to support each project by creating the best lighting for the client while highlighting the interiors and architecture in the most beautiful and efficient way possible.

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LED Dimming

LED technology is improving rapidly and many LED products, when used in the right applications, is considered the best option for an energy-saving alternative in both commercial and residential applications. LEDs for general illumination are available in two basic types: fixtures and bulbs. Each is suited for a specific application, and has different criteria for design and performance. While knowledge of both fixtures and bulbs is essential when selecting the proper LED for your application, the knowledge of proper dimming and control of these is just as critical to a successful lighting plan.

As a whole, dimming performance of LED bulbs is improving as the demand increases. However, compatibility is still a confusing subject and customers that find good dimming performance from one lamp may be disappointed by the next. Dimming performance may be determined by the circuitry within the bulb, driver capability and compatibility with the dimming equipment.

As LED light sources expand from accent lighting into general illumination, it is more crucial than ever that these sources are controllable. In the home, consumers expect their light source to act like an incandescent bulb, which means it is fully dimmable to below 1%. Commercially, dimmable lights are critical for both energy savings and increased productivity. LED products must ensure that their dimming performance meets customer’s expectations and must specify their low-end light level on the specific dimmer that they are compatible with.

At ASI, our engineers work diligently to research and test each and every fixture type to ensure you get the highest performance available from the fixture and seamless operation from your control devices, all to ensure the optimal lighting experience.

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As LED lighting continues to progress, so must the technology to control it. Lutron EcoSystem technology is a two-way digital network control method for LEDs that provides addressing of individual fixtures and status feedback from the LED drivers. This makes it easy to digitally assign controls to one or many fixtures without complicated wiring. This opens up an entire suite of energy-saving, system-monitoring and system-control schemes where the design, setup and rezoning are all done within software, making the electrical and control design simple.

EcoSystem devices are engineered and tested to guarantee compatibility between controls, drivers and sensors. These devices deliver smooth and continuous dimming, consistent dimming curves across all zones and fixture types, and immunity to poor power quality and line noise. This guarantees that the devices will avoid pop-on, steps, flicker, or drop-out, which are common problems with dimming LED drivers.

For future planning and flexibility, the EcoSystem enables easy rezoning and reconfiguring during design, commissioning, and throughout the entire building lifecycle without rewiring. It also allows you to implement energy strategies in a space, while using fewer components than other solutions.

For achieving and tracking energy savings, the digital network enables light energy usage monitoring, LED module and driver failure reporting and integration with BMS or data analytics tools. It simplifies using occupancy sensing, multi-zone daylighting, and personal control strategies across all areas of a building. It also helps meet stringent energy code requirements, including automatic shut-off, daylighting and dimming for multi-level control.

In addition, Ecosystem is a also a cost effective way to handle small control zones and can be a great problem solver for projects that are late in design or for facility teams after start-up. A lighting control system can have a dual purpose.

From creating ideal daylight zones and manual control zones that keep people comfortable and productive, while multi-zone daylight maximizes energy efficiency. There’s no need to compromise one for the other. Let ASI show you how the EcoSystem technology can deliver value on any project.

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HVAC and A/V Integration

Lutron Homeworks QS and RadioRA2 can be integrated with popular control and automation systems to make light, shade, and temperature control part of the experience.

Integration with your home’s HVAC system can bring comfort to a room with the ease of temperature control. Solutions include wireless thermostats, HVAC controllers, wall-mounted temperature controls, and battery powered temperature sensors that can be easily placed in an inconspicuous location. These sensors and wall controls will communicate to the HVAC system to adjust heating and cooling, which account for more than 40% of a typical home’s energy use. Setting back the temperature when a room is unoccupied can help you save 16% of the energy used on HVAC.

Integration with your home automation system means a single ‘Movie’ button press will dim the lights, lower blackout shades and projector screen, and start the movie. ASI ensures the lighting and shade control design can easily communicate with your favorite home automation system. Our advanced knowledge of A/V control and world-class automation systems allows us to collaborate on all your home control needs. By providing timely project management, programming and product specifications for communication, we help to ensure a successful integrated whole home system.

We work with many other manufacturers to ensure that our systems integrate reliably with a wide variety of remotes and automation systems such as:

  • AMX
  • Aton
  • Bang & Olufsen
  • BitWise Controls
  • Clare Controls
  • Control4
  • Crestron Electronics, Inc.
  • DSC
  • ELAN
  • ELK
  • Gefen
  • HAI
  • Honeywell
  • iSimplex
  • Key Digital
  • NetStreams
  • RTI
  • Savant
  • URC
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Homeworks QS     |     Radio RA2     |      Lighting Design     |     LED Dimming      |    EcoSystem     |     HVAC and A/V Integration